A dry sanitation system that is affordable, sustainable, has longer life expectancy and is more cost effective over its lifetime compared to other systems - this is the Enviro Loo.

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Enviro Loo - making a difference

In nature
The Enviro Loo has been installed in areas of natural beauty throughout the world, including Australia, USA, South Africa and Canada, in order that large numbers of visitors can enjoy the environment without impacting it.

In African schools
Across Africa, tens of the thousands of schools and millions of learners have benefitted from Enviro Loo installations. These schools have installed affordable, safe and clean sanitation facilitates that facilitate school attendance for all ages. With education, the learners will go on to actively contribute to the socio-economic development of the communities in which they live.

In any geography and any climate
The Enviro Loo is suitable for any geography and any climate. From the cold of Canada to the heat of Africa. From rainy England and monsoon Asia, to the vastness of Australia and the mountains of New Zealand. The Enviro Loo is weather resistant, environmentally responsible and its all in one self-assembly construction means it can be installed by anyone, almost anywhere, in any country.

In tourism
Tourism continues to be an important source of income for countries worldwide. Governments and tourism boards alike understand the need to protect and preserve the environment yet provide facilities to accommodate tens of thousands of visitors. The Enviro Loo is the ideal solution – zero environmental impact, cost effective, and sustainable.

In areas prone to natural disaster
Natural disasters can strike anywhere and at anytime. In the last decade almost 2 billion people were affected, nearly 90% of them by floods and drought. The Enviro Loo is an easy to install, all in one, self-assembly, low-cost solution for areas hit by natural disaster. It is a permanent solution, that has zero environmental impact, using no water or electricity.

In sport and leisure
The environments in which sport and leisure activities take place must provide the necessary infrastructure facilities to support and encourage participation. Responsible sporting venues and establishments throughout the world are taking the need to preserve water seriously. The Enviro Loo is the perfect solution – providing clean, affordable sanitation facilities that use no water or electricity.