A dry sanitation system that is affordable, sustainable, has longer life expectancy and is more cost effective over its lifetime compared to other systems - this is the Enviro Loo.

The Enviro Loo – ticking the box for environmental sustainability, economic viability, longevity, safety and convenience

✔ The Enviro Loo is a "dry or waterless sanitation system"

✔ This means no water is required for its operations

✔ The Enviro Loo is a permanent installation

✔ The design of the Enviro Loo is such that it is a self-contained, all in one unit

✔ The Enviro Loo uses no chemicals and has zero environmental impact

✔ There are three factors to its 100% environmentally friendly credentials

✔ The Enviro Loo enables the conservation of precious water resources as it uses zero water for its operation

✔ The Enviro Loo has a sealed unit that captures and treats waste through the natural processes of dehydration and evaporation with no contact or contamination of the waste to either the immediate or surrounding environment

✔ The Enviro Loo requires no electricity or power source to function, it utilises wind and sun

✔ The Enviro Loo system requires minimum maintenance and servicing, with minimal associated cleaning costs which are also necessary for more conventional and traditional systems